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Today in soc theory, it was only me and the professor. amid discussing the work of Mead, we slowly got real deep into personal stuff we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten into with the other 2 students that are regulars. Anyways, I learned so much of my professor that I should never disclose to anyone what we talked about. it was weird and extremely sad, but something felt so healthy and natural of the conversation. I’m glad this happened


Sydney Airport
website / tumblr / flickr


Sydney Airport

website / tumblr / flickr


dean blunt in istanbul
droolia asks: YEAH SAM SEND ME TUNES

Just Wait Til Next Year - John Maus

Until the Morning - Thievery Corporatioin

La Maison ou J’ai Grandi - Françoise Hardy (mme. coley would be proud)

IZ-US - Aphex Twin

Altogether - Slowdive 

                 …miss you, Julia


Mary CobleSwim, Stand & Fall, 2010


Mary Coble
Swim, Stand & Fall, 2010

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cruile asks: Omg I want that my name is bridget!!!!!! Hi

hola! here it goes:

Brutal - Dean Blunt

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

I Don’t Need You - My Bloody Valentine

Doggy - Animal Collective

Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club

Endless - Keith Jarrett 

*Thieves Like Us - New Order

: ~)

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white flag bandiera bianca by PORTOBESENO on Flickr.

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Mosaic by Horst Kiechle

Arne Wald


Arne Wald